During the Holiday Season, it’s great to relax with friends and family and enjoy a nice cold beer. Hard or Dry Ciders are another great GF option I discovered recently.  I actually like to mix beer and cider together about half and half, it kills the bitterness and/or strong taste of most GF beer, giving it a nice sweet malty flavor.  New Brunswick has a few GF products, but don’t forget we have neighboring provinces and states that offer plenty more options.

I’ve tried most of the beers and ciders listed below. 😉 I’m not going to post reviews but if you have any questions please post them in the comments.

New Brunswick (ANBL)

Glutenberg American Pale Ale
Glutenberg Blonde Ale
La Messagere Blonde Ale
Schnitzer Brau
Strongbow Dry Cider
Blackthorn Cider
Magners Original Irish Cider

Nova Scotia (NSLC)

Glutenberg Blonde
Bard’s Beer
Schnitzer Brau
La Messagere Blonde Ale
ShipBuilders Cider
Stutz Hard Apple Cider
Bulwark Ciders
Strongbow Dry Cider


Bard’s Beer
New Grist
Green’s – Amber Ale
Green’s – Dubbel Dark Ale (My personal favourite)
Green’s – Tripel Blonde Ale
New Planet Beer
Fox Tail Gluten Free Ale
Woodchuck Cider
Strongbow Dry Cider
Angry Orchard Cider
Michelob Ultra Cider

For the brave at heart, the following beers do contain small amounts of gluten as they are brewed with barley.  I did try Omission and it does taste pretty good, I didn’t get a reaction but I only had one.  I do have the Estrella Damm Daura at home as well, but I haven’t had the heart to try it yet.  Is it worth it for a beer?

*Omission – Made with Barley – LESS THAN 10 PPM OF GLUTEN
*Estrella Damm Daura – Made with Barley – LESS THAN 3 PPM OF GLUTEN