Duinkerken Bread Mix is the best gluten free bread mix I have tried.  The crust is not like “real bread” but the texture is very close and the taste is great.  It was great with spaghetti and with peanut butter and jam.  Yummy!  I had made it my mission this winter to find the perfect gluten free bread recipe.  I had a few failures and then decided to try this mix.  If you were a home made bread lover before going gluten free I think you will like this one.  I will still try to find the perfect recipe but will defintely make this one again. ㋡

Here is a picture of my bread so you can see the texture.

I am not sure where I purchased this mix but I think it was from Sobeys in Campbellton.  I am quite sure I seen it in Superstore in Bathurst also … don’t think they have it in the Atholville store.