UPDATE – President’s Choice Gluten Free Products are Certified Gluten Free by The Canadian Celiac Association.  You can find the CCA Certification Directory here, click on “show details” under R.W.Bakers Co.

UPDATE – Thanks to Jane’s GlutenFree on Facebook, we now know that President’s Choice Gluten-Free Products ARE produced on a dedicated Gluten Free Line.

You can visit Jane’s GlutenFree on Facebook and thank her for her time.


“NEW” President’s Choice Gluten-Free Products


Superstore now has gluten-free products available under the President’s Choice label … available in the bakery section.  I picked up the Lemon Poppyseed loaf yesterday in the Atholville store and it is delicious.  More options out there for us.  If anyone tried the bread please let us know how it is.  🙂