Living Gluten Free in New Brunswick

Sobeys & Atlantic Superstore in Campbellton have CHEX cereal.  Honey Nut Chex and Rice Chex are the only ones available in Canada at the moment.  My favourite is Cinnamon Chex…hopefully coming soon to Canada also.  It is a beginning!  ㋡

* Also available at Walmart in Bathurst and Moncton.

Chex Cereal Recipes






Here’s a list of Campbell Canada’s Gluten Free Products.

As part of Campbell Canada’s commitment to diversity and extraordinary, authentic nourishment for all, Campbell’s® Gluten-Free products are designed for Canadians trying to avoid gluten or who have Celiac disease.

Update – it appears Campbell’s has changed their web site and no longer includes a Gluten Free Product list.  Contact them @ 1-800-410-7687  or on Facebook and make a complaint.

Updated update – Campbell’s has a nice new page about their Gluten Free Products.  Take a Look.

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The selection of Gluten Free products at the Mapleton CO-OP is getting better all the time.  They currently have four different sections carrying various Gluten Free items.  The first stop is in the back/left corner of the store between the Deli and the Meat Department, there you will find a great selection of Udi’s Gluten Free Breads and Muffins.  Then walk through the Meat Department to find Degenhardt’s Gluten Free Sausages, Wieners and Bacon (MmmmBacon).  Then make a sharp right down one of the isles (can’t remember which one) and you will find a huge selection of Gluten Free products (I will list them in the Wiki when I get a chance) and last but not least they have a great selection of Kinnikinnick products in a freezer next to the Pharmacy.

The Mapleton CO-OP is located @ 90 Mapleton Rd, Moncton, NB.


On February 16th, 2011 Health Canada Published Amendments to the Food Allergen Labelling Regulations.  Canada’s new food allergen labelling regulations will come into force on August 4th, 2012 giving the manufacturers 18 months to implement the new labelling regulations.  I’ve only skimmed through the documents found at Health Canada, but I plan to read through all of them.

The new requirements regarding Gluten are;

  • The gluten source will need to be declared when a food contains gluten protein or modified gluten protein from barley, oats, rye, triticale or wheat, including kamut or spelt;

Prior to this Amendment, Gluten was not a priority food allergen, therefore gluten containing ingredients could be hidden in “spices” and “flavours”, this will no longer be the case.  This is great news and should make our life much easier.  Maybe now we can save some money by buying mainstream products instead of the very expensive specialty products.

Videos From Heath Canada.


Read More for French Version.

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Frito Lay Canada – List of Gluten Free Products


Frito Lay Canada have updated their Gluten Free Product list.

Read More for their long list.


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I noticed last week that most Mastro Deli meats are Gluten Free.  On what I’m assuming are their newer packages, it is clearly written Gluten Free on the back of the package near the list of ingredients.  On the other packages it is printed on a white “meat dept” type label stuck to the front of the package.  These deli meats make very nice sandwiches on Udi’s White sandwich bread (oh oh, Just realized We didn’t Post anything on Udi’s yet.).  Mastro Deli Meats can be found at both Sobey’s and Superstore, not sure about Co-op.


Gluten Free Panty Brown Rice Pancake & Waffle Mix

Today was “Pancake Day“.  I thought, ummm sounds good, so I dug out my box of Glutino Pancake Mix (which is now Gluten Free Pantry Brown Rice Pancake & Waffle Mix).  After they were cooked I topped with butter, syrup and sliced strawberries.  Yummy!   If you haven’t already tried this mix, I highly recommend it.  ㋡


Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company chips are manufactured locally in Waterville, NB and are entirely Gluten-Free.  The Smokin’ Sweet Barbecue Russet Potato Chips are the best in my opinion.  I have not yet tried all the flavours but so far they have all been very good…and they are Gluten-Free…definitely worth a try.  ㋡


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This is an interesting link to Gluten Free Baking Mix Recipes.

Since Betty Crocker is a General Mills company there are not only recipes for Dessert Mixes but also for Chex Cereal.  Some very interesting recipes!  Enjoy!  ㋡


GF Carrot Cake         GF Chocolate Chip Cheesecake